Desert Valley Crystals


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Amazonite pyramid $11

Clear Quartz Angel Wing $10

Rose Quartz Angel $14

Blue chalcedony Sphere $25

Blue chalcedony mini heart $6

Blue chalcedony butterfly $14

Lepidolite Tower $14

Grape Agate cluster $8

Amethyst Cluster $5

Rose Quartz rough $3

Agate Cloud $3

Vera cruz Amethyst Cluster $17

Flower Agate moon $20

Angel Aura Quartz mini Tower$9

Fluorite X-small tower $8

Optical Calcite $5

Tumble set $33

- Mini Spheres : angel aura quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, kiwi jasper

- Mini hearts: Agate, rose quartz, Ruby Fuchsite, Amethysts, labradorite, clear quartz

- Tumbles: lepidolite, fluorite, rainbow moonstone, fluorite octahedrons, white howlite, angel sura quartz,

- Mini flower agate star 



Divine timing candle with angel aura Quartz and clear quartz  $44.44

Positive Energy Candle w/ clear quartz $33.33



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