Fluorite Octahedron
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Fluorite Octahedron

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 These adorable fluorite octahedrons are totally a must

for your everyday crystal needs. 

These naturally shaped beauties range in colors from colorless,

pale green and light purple. 


∵ SIZE ∵
These range roughly from 8-10mm or smaller.

Due to their size, they are sold in sets of 3.


Fluorite is an amazing crystal, but does tend to lose color with prolonged sunlight exposure.

Use this Fluorite during meditation, in the office, or at home to...

- help with heart-break
- heal the (4th) Heart Chakra
- cleanse and energize the aura

In addition, Fluorite can be great for...

- protecting again psychic attacks
- spiritual development
- dream states

Try placing this Fluorite under your pillow!




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