Abundance Pouch Set
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Abundance Pouch Set

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What's in the set?

Citrine: Citrine is one of our favorite stones. it's used for powerful & focused manifestation of prosperity. It encourages self-confidence and hope while soothing anxiety. Citrine is an amazing stone to bring to important meetings, stressful situations, or just for an every day pick-me-up.

Aventurine: This is a  comforting stone of prosperity which is well known to attract luck, abundance, and success. This stone will help to facilitate personal growth while helping you remain positive and open to change. 

Tiger's Eye: Another on of our favorites here. Tigers eye is a protective stone of prosperity and good fortune. Known to reflect back any ill will, jealousy, or threats from others. 

Pyrite: " Known as fools gold" This stone is a symbol of money and good luck. Pyrite in known to help release any fears and doubts that are blocking you from achieving success and attracting abundance. It also Increases motivation and strength to follow through with the right career and investment decisions. 

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