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Desert Valley Crystals was founded January 1, 2020 by two friends: Brooke, who wanted to share her love of not only crystals but also the importance of manifesting with natures wonders. Brooke is a native born Arizonian and Desert Valley Crystals Founder and Creative Director. Brooke specializes in online marketing and business processes for DVC. Brooke believes that beautiful, Gemstones and Minerals can be great quality, fairly priced as well as a great masterpiece for your everyday home decor needs. Desert Valley Crystals was founded on that principal. Brooke works hand-in-hand with suppliers to ensure that our products are ethnically sourced and 100% real stones. Her goal is to make quality, affordability, and outstanding customer service synonymous with the Desert Valley Crystals name


Desert Valley Crystals is an e-commerce business with no current plans to open a Brick and Mortar store. E-commerce works for DVC business practices and allows us to sell quality products at a fair and affordable price. We work directly with our suppliers to ensure that each and every crystal is chosen with you in mind. Our products are ethically sourced from locations all around the world. We pride ourselves on the quality and affordability  of each one of our products.


Crystals don't need to be exclusive to one or two groups; we at Desert Valley Crystals believe everyone should enjoy them and for whatever you like! If you want to use them for décor, more power to you! If you want to use them for your crystal grid, go for it! If you want use some for your reiki healing, we got you! If you'd like to buy it just as a gift to yourself, let's make that happen! If a crystal calls to you, and you like it, go for it! Here at Desert Valley Crystals we believe that crystals call to you when you need them most. So throw out all the rules about what crystals do and don't do and LISTEN for the ones the truly call to you. Those are the ones you'll need most for the phases of your life. Most importantly HAVE FUN!





Here as Desert Valley Crystals we don't just inspire we push MAGIC. We believe that in order to vibrate to your highest potential you need high energy crystals, a strong community and good vibes. You'll find all three here at DVC. We are working together to form a great community where together we can strive and help encourage each other to manifest to our highest potential.




Our promise to you is that we will always provide you with the highest quality, ethnically sourced crystals. We will only ever use 100% real crystals, minerals and stones with high vibes and high energy to help you along your journey of manifestation. All of our crystals will be intuitively selected with you in mind.